Paranormal Investigation

RCGW was founded by members of a paranormal investigation team started in 2001. We're one of the area's first organized paranormal investigative teams with members who have been on paranormal investigations throughout the country and the world.

Jenni Lynn has been a paranormal investigator since childhood, following in the footsteps of her father who began ghost hunting in the 1970's. She's investigated most of the local haunts including Rolling Hills Asylum, Main Street Armory, Valentown, Union Tavern, DeLand house, White Lady's Castle, Hartwell Hall, Rush Rhees Library, Rochester Public Library stacks, Mt. Hope Cemetery, and more. She loves to travel and has investigated some of the country's most famous haunts including Alcatraz, Hotel Monte Vista, Moundsville State Penitentiary, House of the Seven Gables, Lizzie Borden House, Mark Twain House, Gettysburg PA, the Myrtles Plantation, Winchester House, Tombstone AZ, Whaley House, Sleepy Hollow NY, Queen Mary, and many more. She's also collaborated with multiple paranormal TV shows behind the scenes.

Ralph Esposito started as a professional photographer and segued into paranormal investigation. He's now authored multiple books about local ghosts and the paranormal. Both he and Jenni Lynn were on the founding team that began the public ghost hunts at Rolling Hills Asylum in 2004.

We continue to offer private paranormal investigation services free of charge within Western New York. If you believe your house or business is haunted, give us a call at (585) 542-8687 to discuss our services.